Ultra High Speed Electric Buffers ( Burnishers )

MERCURY 19" Ultra High Speed Electric Buffers

( Burnishers )


Superior Balance for Precise control from Mercury.

The Ultra D.C. High-Speed Burnisher utilizes a powerful 1.5 HP, 15 Amp, D/C rectified motor. It is available in 1170, 1500 and 2000 RPM machine speeds. It’s balanced chassis design provides precise pad pressure to deliver an even shine and gloss.

• Powered by a precision-balanced, 1.5 HP, D/C rectified motor. Eliminates brown-outs, low voltage and startup torque problems for fast, easy burnishing.
• The all-metal, balanced chassis provides more precise pad pressure for beautiful results.
• Polished metal chassis is easy to clean and looks newer longer.
• Low profile drive apron easily reaches under counter coves and beds.
• Flexible pad holder with threaded pad-centering device conforms to floor irregularities, delivering an even shine and gloss. Order pads separately.
• 6" non-marking operating wheels and separate 4" transport wheels prevent tracking of contaminants.
• Safety-enhanced interlock switch on the handle leaves both hands conveniently in control.
• Safety-enhanced, non-conductive dual triggers on the handle eliminate shock potential and includes heavy-duty dual switch levers.
• Fully adjustable 48" handle is comfortable for all operators.
• Includes a 50-foot safety power cable. Motor plugs into cable at the base of the handle. Maintenance is safe and easy.
• Non-marking, super-thick bumper protects walls and baseboards.
• Used only for Burnishing (Polishing). not to be used for stripping or cleaning.
• Best Warranty on the Planet – 5-years on motor and chassis.
Model 19-1500 19-2000 20-1500 20-2000
Size 19" 19" 20" 20"
RPM 1500 2000 1500 2000
Motor 1.5 hp DC Rectified
Front Mount wheel No Yes No Yes
SALE $869.00 $979.00 $899.00 984.00
19" can use up to 20" pads, 20" can use up to 21" pads.





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Floor buffer high speed type - Burnisher